5.11 Range Bags Reviews

5.11 Tactical Range Bags for The Shooting Reviews 2020: Best Ready Qualifier

5.11 range bags serve as ideal storage for your pistol, accessories and ammo, and they come in different designs and sizes to suit your needs.

But which of these bags is the right one for you? Well, I’ve made things easier where the top five 5.11 range bags reviewed today. This reflection about 5.11 range bag indicates that a good 5.11 needs to be stable, weather resistant and built for maximum durability.

This range bag built for long-term use, and the five here are notable for their rugged construction. I also know how important capacity and organization are so I took those into consideration as well.

5.11 Range Ready vs Range Qualifier

There is no easy answer to this question because there are several quality options available.  Look up Range Ready or Range Qualifier online and you’ll find a lot of different sizes, styles and designs available.

The best way to sort this out is to list the essential features and use that as a guide. You can then take a look at the many Range Ready and Range Qualifier bags and decide which matches your requirements.

The more pockets the bag has, the more ammo and accessories you can store.

5.11 Range Bag Reviews: Tactical, Qualifier, Adult, Unisex

In this section, you can read on some of the best 5.11 range bags reviews that currently available in stock.

a) 5.11 Tactical Adult Patrol Ready Bag (Unisex)

The Patrol Ready Bag combines versatility with function. The main compartment measures 18.5 “x 8” x 12” so there is plenty of space for your pistol, ammo and accessories. It has 2 zippered pockets, a couple of end pockets and two side pockets.


  • Lots of pockets
  • Made from durable material
  • Has a business ID window
  • Built for patrol officers
  • All weather use


  • Rather on the large side
  • Bottle holders could be wider

The Patrol Ready Bag suits those who need a dependable storage solution. For patrol use, the bag works perfectly as it’s the right size and capacity.

This range bag is suitable for those who put emphasis on durability. The quality is top notch and the thick material makes it a good companion regardless of weather.

The Patrol Ready Bag comes with dividers so you can arrange the items inside. Heavy duty clips are provided for the shoulder strap so you’re more comfortable carrying it.

The Tactical 5.11 is for anyone who wants a dependable range bag. It is durably made with lots of deep, well-placed pockets. This is designed mainly for patrol officers but it’s also a good choice for pistol lovers and for everyday use.

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b) 5.11 Tactical Range Bag Review

This bag is a multipurpose bag which is designed to carry multiple handguns. Its shoulder strap is padded so you’re comfortable when using it. The 5.11 also comes with fortified handles. Together with the shoulder strap, it minimizes pressure even if the bag is full.


  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Fortified handles
  • Brass and ammo totes are removable
  • Comes with several pockets
  • All weather use


  • At 22″ L x 16″ W x 12″ H it’s quite large
  • Some pockets are too deep

This 5.11 Tactical range bag works best in the shooting range. It also works as a tactical bag if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, camper or need a spacious storage solution.

This is especially good if you bring a lot of firearms, ammo and other items with you. If you love to shoot handguns with lots of mags, the 5.11 Tactical is very suitable. With room for 8 magazines and pockets for earplugs, it’s good for different users.

You should buy this range bag if you’re after durability and quality. This range bag is suitable for professional instructors and shooters or anyone who wants a good storage solution. The Tactical Range is also for you if you carry several pistols.

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c) Tactical 5.11 Single Pistol Case (Unisex Adult)

The Unisex Single Pistol Case is built with durability in mind. It comes with an accessory/magazine strap so you’ll be able to organize the items better. The interior has full padding so it won’t damage your pistol.


  • Compact design
  • Made of high-quality nylon
  • Elastic straps
  • Interior is padded
  • Light


  • Only one interior pocket is zippered
  • Limited capacity compared to bigger range bags

This bag is suitable as a carry case for a single pistol. Despite its small size, the case is ideal for patrol officers, tactical operatives and anyone who needs a carry case.

This pistol case is also for those who prefer a high-quality pistol case. Unlike regular cases, this case has durable zippers and holders for other gear.

The Tactical 5.11 Adult Single Pistol Case is for you if you’re after a compact range bag. It does not have as much storage room as other range bags, but it’s not designed that way.

This 5.11 Tactical is also for anyone who wants a light single pistol range bag. If your range bag is too heavy this is one product to consider.

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d) 5.11 Tactical.56947 Adult’s Range Qualifier Bag

The Adult’s Range Qualifier Bag is equipped with a detachable ammo tote and a slot for IDs. This slot is easy to access and like the other pockets built to last. Its mag slots are individualized for your convenience.

The compartment panels can also be used as a padded work platform. At 13 inches wide the bag offers plenty of space for your ammo and firearm.


  • Spacious interior
  • Ammo tote is removable
  • ID slot is easily accessible
  • Well designed compartments
  • Solidly made zippers


  • A little heavy when full
  • Loses a bit of its structure when full

The Tactical.56947 Qualifier Bag can be used in different situations, but it is most effective at the range. This bag also excels at organization: you can pack a good number of items without cluttering it. This tactical bag is at its best when used for organizing items you’ll bring to the range.

The Tactical.56947 Range Qualifier Bag is for you if you carry a couple of pistols and don’t want the bag interior getting crammed. You’ll also want to consider this if you need lots of room for ammo and accessories.

If you’re a tactical operative, camper or a gun enthusiast, this range bag is for you. It comes with a lot of pockets, is durable and built for long-term use.

Final Verdict

So there you have it, the best 5.11 range bag reviews in the market today. Whether you’ve been shooting pistols for a long time or not, having storage for your firearm is necessary. It’s not only more convenient but makes them more accessible.

As to which is the best all I can say is they all are. Some users will prefer one over the other but don’t let others’ opinions decide what is suitable for you. Instead, you should consider the facts and use that as your basis.

5.11 range bag has become more varied, and I am confident any of the 5 above meets your needs.

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