Condor Double Rifle Case Review

Condor Double Rifle Case Review

Condor Double Rifle Case, before saying anything about it, why do we need it? that must be explained.

I always prefer to carry many rifles when I am going to range. Usually, I walk a lot while going for a hunt and need to keep my hands free. I was looking for a bag where I can carry all my range gear in an organized way, including both of my rifles as well as backpack style. After many trial and errors, I discovered this Case. 

This bag will not only neatly organize my range stuff but also keep my hands free as I can carry it like a bag-pack. I have been using this bag for any trips like hiking or hunting. I can freely roam around with this bag while exploring as I don’t have to carry this bag in my hands.

Furthermore, it has some unique features, which will make you fall for it. Let’s get into the analysis. 

 The Features I adore

  • Accommodates two rifles with four hook and loop straps to secure arms
  • Secondary Compartment with two internal pockets
  • Hideaway and detachable padded backpack straps
  • Lockable zipper on primary and secondary compartments
  • Two modular mag pockets
  • One modular utility pocket
  • Removable padded internal divider
  • Interior foam padding

What I like most about this case

This Rifle Case is a perfect partner on my hunting trips as this can carry a bunch of handguns and also other necessary accessories along with them. Following are the list of the things I love most about this case.

Perfect Rifle Case


The size of the bag is just right to fit two guns. You can also pick your desired size as this rifle case gives the opportunity to choose between two different sizes. 


What I like about this rifle bag is that it has stability. It can carry two heavy guns, and it does not feel that much heavy at all. And it keeps my hands free as it can be taken like a bag-pack on the back. 


I would say, one of the best parts about this bag is it is versatile. It can be carried like a traditional case with the handles on the top, or you can carry it like a bag-pack. And if someone does not like the bag-pack style straps, they have the option of removing the straps completely, or simply storing the straps inside the bag. 


As this bag is made with the nylon, it can carry heavyweight. 


This rifle case can be used for at least 12-15 years or even more if handles with care. The material used to make this is solid not to be torn even in rough use.

Long Lasting

What I don’t Like 

The only thing I did not like about this bag is it has a shortage of compartments. It has no separate compartment for carrying food or water bottles. The pockets in the front are not big enough for carrying food, and I do not possibly want to keep my food in the main compartments along with the rifles. 

Best For

  • Carrying two rifles at a time. The name of this range bag speaks for itself. There is no doubt that this is best for its capability to carry two rifles at a time.
  • Carrying on the back comfortably. The name of this range bag speaks for itself. There is no doubt that this is best for its capability to carry two rifles at a time.

Why should you buy this?

If you are a hunting freak, you should get this bag because it can hold all your necessary hunting equipment in this one bag. There are two large compartments that have two Velcro straps to secure the corners of the bag. As a result, the butt and the nose of your rifle fit in perfectly. And to make sure your weapon is safe and held securely in place. Other than the main two large compartments, several small pockets can store handguns, more ammo, and anything else you want to keep. It also has a small compartment in the front. 

The experience of hunting might not be comfy or satisfying if one has to carry several bags in hands. This Condor case will keep everything neatly contained in the bag. As the zippers of this rifle case are lockable, it ensures safety too. It is said that the Condor Rifle Case is the most jagged and dependable soft case you can buy. 

Final Word

Here I am concluding my Condor Double Rifle Case Review which ensures you with the best quality at a reasonable price. It has everything a hunter wants in a rifle case. If you’re looking for a gun case that is going to change the way you experience your hunting trips, this is going to be that game-changing case.


  •  Do These Have Lockable Zippers?

These rifle cases do have lockable zippers to ensure you the highest security while hunting so that you do not have to worry about the rifle falling off accidentally or being stolen. 

  • Does it Have Backpack Straps? 

Yes, it does have backpack straps which makes it versatile.  

  • Is this Bag Waterproof?

Yes. This bag is waterproof. It protects the arms kept inside for some time, but still one should not unnecessarily roam around with this case in the water as the material is not resistant. 

  • How does it hold Up Against a Hot Rifle?

As this a specialized bag case for keeping rifles, it holds up against a hot rifle pretty well. 

  • How many Colors are Available?

It comes in four colors Coyote Brown, Black, Olive Drab and Tan.

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