Glock Range Bags 2021 Reviews for Shooting: Including Single, Double and Four Pistols

When you mention the word Glock the first thing that comes to mind are guns. But the company also makes some pretty good range bags for firearms and accessories. These range bags come in various sizes so you can pick and choose the one that meets your needs for the present and future.

It’s easy to find Glock range bags online, but how do you decide which one to buy? It can be difficult to figure out which one to get so I’ve collected the top range bags the brand offers. First, let’s take a look at the types available.

Lets check all top Glock range bags at a glance

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Types of Glock Range Bag for Pistols

You may know about different kinds of Glock range bag but according to slot we divide Glock range bag into three types, lets check about these,

Single Pistol Glock Range Bag

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these bags come with a large pocket for one handgun and pockets for magazines and other items. This is their most compact version and is ideal if you’re new to shooting.

These are the main types of range bags from Glock but there are variants available for each one. In the following reviews, you’re going to see the different types of Glock range bags and what they have to offer.

Double Pistol Glock Range Bag

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This bag has more pockets for ammo and accessories as well for two pistols. They’re larger than the single pistol bag and ideal if you like to carry more than one gun.

Four Pistol Glock Range Bag

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These are for gun enthusiasts who carry multiple pistols. They’ve got a lot of pockets and compartments for cleaning kits, ammo, safety goggles and more.

Glock Range Bags Reviews

Lets check the review of all type of Glock range bag for pistols in detailed which will help you to choice best one for your support in any kind of shooting, hunting or outdoor range.

Glock 1 Pistol Range Bag Reviews

Glock Perfection OEM Single Pistol Range Bag

Lets describe some features about Glock Perfection OEM single pistol range bag ,

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The Glock Perfection has a soft shell gun case for extra durability. The bag is built of DuPont ballistic nylon so it’s more durable.


  • Officially licensed Glock range bag
  • Made from durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Deep pockets
  • Durable handle


  • Fits up to 100 rounds only
  • Not enough space for large over the ear protection

This range bag is at its best for single pistol use. If you just carry one pistol and a few magazines and ear protection this bag will do fine. The pockets are deep enough for a pistol and some ammo yet remains light when you carry it.

The Perfection is also more suitable if you don’t like carrying heavy range bags. Many times it’s just not practical to carry a lot of accessories you’re not going to use anyway. If you’re in the market for a compact handgun range bag with room for accessories, this is it.

The Perfection is the ideal option if you carry just one pistol to the range. It’s lighter than other range bags and is more convenient to use. If you don’t carry a lot of then the Perfection is ideal and practical.

Glock Perfection OEM Multi-Purpose Backpack

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The Glock Perfection Multipurpose Backpack lives up to its name. It’s versatile and is big enough to store your hiking gear. The backpack also functions well as a daypack. Since it’s made of 600 denier polyester you’ll be able to use the backpack in different ways.


  • Made of 600D polyester
  • Lots of pockets
  • Hydration compatible
  • Works as a daypack or backpack


  • The zipper quality could be better
  • Strap quality is excellent

The Glock Backpack comes with four storage areas so you can organize the items more effectively. It’s hydration compatible so you’ll be able to use it for hiking or camping. You can fit a laptop in this backpack. No matter what you put in the backpack the Premium back relief design keeps your back pain free.

The backpack offers a nice balance between portability and capacity. You can fill the backpack up and it’s still going to be portable. As a backpack or daypack, the Perfection is more than capable of handling hiking and camping needs. The backpack is spacious but it’s also comfortable to carry around.

The backpack is also suitable if you’re looking for optimum comfort while hiking. The organization system is exceptional and keeps tools and other items in place. Its zippers are made of heavy-duty materials and won’t rust. It also helps the backpack is made of 600d polyester.

Glock 2 Pistol Range Bag Review

Glock Perfection OEM Double Pistol Range Bag

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The Glock Double Pistol Range Bag is for those who want a spacious but comfortable bag. It’s ideal for the shooting range first and foremost, with room for a couple of pistols and a holder for six magazines. You can also use the pockets to store other items if you only carry one pistol.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Roomy pistol pockets
  • Available in gray and black
  • Lightweight


  • Multiple gun users will find the size limiting
  • Only a few reviews online

While the bag is most suitable for carrying guns, it’s also great for storing other items. You could use this bag for hunting or backpacking. However, there’s no question this range bag is most effective for storing 2 guns, ammo containers, earmuffs and more.

The perfection double pistol range is the solution if you find single pistol bags too small and range bags that are too large. The double pistol bag case is also suited for gun enthusiasts who want a comfortable, practical range bag that’s easy to use and dependable.

The perfection double pistol range bag is versatile and also one of the most durable in its range. When it comes to quality you’re not going to find a lot that can match up to this. The perfection is also one of the lighter range bags today.

Glock 4 Pistol Range Bag Reviews

Glock OEM Range Bag

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This Glock bag is ideal for you if you carry several handguns and other accessories. If you’re a shooter you’ll appreciate the interior and exterior pockets where you can store ammo, clips and other accessories.

The 4 pistol Glock bag has a padded shoulder strap. With this, you’ll feel more comfortable even if the bag is full.


  • Has a generous capacity
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Durable built
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Compartments are removable


  • Magazine space is a bit limited
  • No elastic bands for extra pouches

The Glock bag is most effective if you bring lots of gear to the range. Instead of carrying multiple bags you just get one of these and there will be space for more accessories. The bag’s versatility also makes it appropriate for storing other items.

This Glock range bag is one of the more versatile options available. If you’re a shooter you’ll be able to carry a lot of accessories. Do you find the regular range bag too small? No problem with the 4 pistol bag is big enough to accommodate all the items you’ll need to bring.

The bag also scores points for its versatility. Yes, you can put four handguns here, but you can just as easily put one or two guns in it and the rest for accessories and other stuff.

Glock Perfection Nylon Range Bag

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The bag’s accessibility makes it suitable for those beginners. It comes with several pockets and works great in the shooting range. You’ll find this particularly useful if you need a range bag to store a couple of pistols, ear protection, ammo and other accessories.

The bag is made from 600 denier polyester. It is also equipped with heavy duty zippers that allow you to quickly open and close the pockets.


  • Water resistant
  • Several pockets
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comfortable padded grip
  • Easy to access


  • The shoulder strap could have been better designed
  • A bit smaller than other Glock bags

The bag’s accessibility makes it suitable for those beginners. It comes with several pockets and works great in the shooting range. You’ll find this particularly useful if you need a range bag to store a couple of pistols, ear protection, ammo and other accessories.

This nylon bag is very durable and holds up to extended use. You can also use this bag for camping or everyday travel. It is not the biggest range bag on the market but should suit most people fine. For versatility and dependability, the bag delivers.

The Glock Perfection AP60219 range bag is an affordable, versatile range bag. The four pistol pockets are suitable for different handguns, and the other compartments are appropriate for your other accessories. Even if you don’t carry 4 guns you can use the other pockets to store other accessories.

Accessories You May Need with Glock Range Bag

The Glock range bags stand out on their own. But if you want to expand capacity you can add a magazine pouch, ammo cases, cleaning solutions etc. For the most part, however, a Glock range bag doesn’t need any extra accessories. The most important thing is to make sure that it has the right number of pockets and compartments.

The only essentials you’ll need for a range bag is a piece of cleaning cloth and you may also want to wear gloves while holding the strap. On some versions, you’ll be able to buy a lock for the zippers for extra security.

Final Thoughts

There is more to Glock than just firearms as they also make a lot of good accessories such as these range bags. Anytime you need to go to the shooting range you just bring one of these bags and you’ll be ready to go.

You’re probably wondering which of the range bags here is the best. Well, they’re all good and it really depends on what you need. That’s why I chose these different Glock range bags so you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate one.

The important thing to remember is that there is a Glock range bag to suit your style and you just need to pick one that suits you.

  • Updated June 4, 2021
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