GPS Handgunner Backpack Review

GPS Handgunner Backpack Review: A Bag for Everything You Need at The Range

If you want to carry all the range items safely and keep them tidy instead of messing up everything in the bag, GPS Handgunner Backpack is there for you. It has built-in pockets for every single item you need for the Range and keeps things organized in one place. This backpack is made for a single purpose of attending a shooting competition, gun range, or a firearm class for one or a few days.

Handgunner Backpack is made by G•Outdoors, Inc. They are one of the pioneers of a new range bag category. Besides range backpack, Outdoors also makes quality range bags, tactical gear, shooting accessories, target stands, and other products.

GPS Handgunner Backpack Features

It has a unique feature of carrying four guns at a time. Following is the list of the features you should know before buying.  

Foam cradle

In the lower compartment of this backpack, it has a removable high-density foam storage cradle. That cradle can hold four medium to small size handguns vertically. This vertical format intends to ease of use. It also has a trigger guard, which ensures protection at the Range.

The cradle is made of closed-cell foam, which is a cut CNC machine. It doesn’t absorb moisture. After shooting, you don’t need to clean the gun with rugs or cloths, just put the gun in the cradle, and it will take any dust on the pistol.

Visual I.D. Storage System

This feature is very exclusive, where all the competitors are leg behind. The Handgunner has many specific pockets with I.D.s on it, so that you know which pockets contain what items. 

All the built-in pockets have visual I.D.; for instance, a stapler pocket has a stapler icon on it, a pocket for a binocular has a small binocular icon on it etc. This is how all the individual pockets are specified; as a result, items can be retrieved easily.

List of the items you can put in separate pockets according to the visual I.D. storage system-

  • Earplugs
  • Shooting Glasses
  • Ear Muffs
  • Tacks
  • Tape
  • Keys
  • Tools
  • Ammo Cup
  • Rain Cover
  • Targets
  • Cell Phone
  • Stapler
  • Gloves
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Binoculars

Hands-Free Transportation

It has an adjustable strap for the shoulder, which keeps your hands free. This backpack also contains a top grab handle. All those carrying facilities makes transportation easy.

Free Standing

The GPS Handgunner Backpack’s shape is firm even if it is full. It is designed in a way that can stay on the range table or the ground or even on the car seat without any support. This feature is called freestanding.

Storage Capacity

Despite the size, it has a large storage capacity. It can carry enough gear for two or even three shooters for the Range and is still portable.

Side Pockets

GPS Handgunner has two specified side pockets on both sides of the bag, and those are made from tear proof elastic straps. The side pockets are solely for magazines, and each pocket can carry 6 magazines. A total of 12 magazines can be stored there. 

Waterproof Pull-out Cover

What if rain catches you while you are in the Range? What if you are on the bike in rainy weather with the backpack on your back? To save your gears and guns on those weather condition G•Outdoors provide a waterproof pull-out cover with the backpack. 

Covering your bag with the waterproof cover will save your bag from being wet in rainy weather. 


It is made from robust nylon fabric with sturdy stitching, which makes the bag durable and robust.

Velour Lined Front Pockets

This pocket is specially made for earpieces and shooting glasses. The velour-lined pocket is located in the top part of the backpack. It is designed in a way that protects shooting glasses and earpieces.

Oversized Lockable Zippers

Lockable heavy-duty zippers ensure the security of the main compartment. As a result, guns can be carried safely without any legal issues while transporting.

Ammo Dump Cups

Ammo dump cups comes with almost all the G•Outdoors bags. It provides an easier way to separate brass for reloading and helps the shooter with ammo calibers while reloading the magazines.

Metal Reinforced Hardware

Metal hardware is expensive, and adding to a range bag makes the bag a bit pricey. On the other hand, it strengths the pack without putting additional weight on it. GPS Handgunner is equipped with metal reinforced hardware, which makes the backpack more durable than other competitors.

What we like

  • Foam Cradle slots
  • Individual pockets for all essentials
  • Hands-free and convenient transportation
  • Waterproof cover
  • Double zipper
  • The size, 16 x 10 x 19 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds

What we don’t like

Only handguns and pistols can fit in the bag. Large size guns cannot be fitted in the foam cradles. If you want to carry big guns, you have to consider other bags. 

Among all the dedicated pockets, it doesn’t have a specific pocket for carrying ammunition. But, the hearing protection section is big enough to store ammo.

GPS Handgunner Backpack is Best Suited For

  • Going to the Range for one or few days
  • Carrying all the essential staffs 
  • The people who like everything organized 

Why should you buy this?

Among the entire range bags available in the market, it is not the most expensive one. The price is reasonable, and the cost varies according to the colors. This backpack comes in six different colors but depends on the availability. However, if you consider the quality of the bag and waffling about the price, you will agree that it is well worth it. 

It contains all the things you want in a range bag. More than enough room with labeled pockets, this can be sealed with robust zippers. It has a double zipper, which means it can move in any direction. As a result, it is easy to zip and unzip.

Straps are very comfortable as it is cushioned and you won’t feel the weight even if you put 40-50 pounds in it.

If you like everything well organized, this backpack is for you. Even if you are an unorganized person and keep losing stuff at the Range, a visual I.D. system will make you organized. I would say visual I.D. is a great discovery in the range bag history.

Another good thing about this backpack is a hands-free and convenient transportation system that keeps everything secure in the particular place.

Final Words

The foam cradle compartment stands the GPS Handgunner out from other competitors in sections. This backpack is more expensive than the basic range bag. If you consider the competitor’s price in terms of the value and price, it is economical. The occasional shooter will not find this bag fancy as the Handgunner is perfect for avid shooters.

The GPS Handgunner Backpack is unique having a combination of accessibility, storage, and hands-free mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some of the questions often asked about this bag by the gun users. 

Can I Fly with a GPS Handgunner Backpack? 

According to the TSA air travel guidelines, this bag doesn’t follow all of them. So, rely solely on this bag for air travel will not be a good idea. You may use the original lockable case, which comes with the gun and put the empty weapon in that. Lock the case as well the bag and declare the gun while checking in.

Is GPS Handgunner Waterproof?

Yes. This bag comes with a waterproof pull out cover. The cover gives total protection from rain and water. As a result, everything remains dry in the bag.

Does this Handgunner Backpack have wheels?

No. It doesn’t have wheels; rather, it provides comfy straps to make your shoulder easy and keep the hands free.

Where can I put Ammos?

Despite having plenty of dedicated pockets, it doesn’t have a specific room for ammo. You can put the ammo in any compartments if space offers. The hearing protection compartment is an excellent option to put your ammo.

Can the Main Compartment Zippers be locked?

Yes, the main compartment can be locked, but you will need a thin lock.

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