GPS tactical range bag backpack review

GPS Tactical Range Bag Backpack Review: An All-Rounder for You

Being a range junkie, I always prefer to free up my hands while roaming around the range or going for any outdoor trips like hiking. So, naturally, I look for an option of a range backpack that can carry a bunch of my handguns and be able to occupy all my necessary accessories along with them. Three years ago, one of my fellow range shooters suggested such a backpack considering my choice, and it’s nothing other than the GPS tactical range bag backpack.

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Since then, I really never felt looking for any other option at all. It’s the best I could ever find. It’s such a dope backpack that you can just throw over your shoulder and move more comfortably without being even bothered about missing any of your stuff. Doesn’t it sound so satisfying?

Let’s go and take an in-depth look at it. 

Features That I Love most

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At first, let’s check all the enticing features with which this tool will come up with, shall we?

1. Size

Shooting in range doesn’t require guns, magazines, ammo, or targets only. There are tons of things apart from these you’ll need while hitting the range, including hand gloves, earmuffs, goggles, key, knives, flashlights, timer, tape, stapler, and so on.

You certainly need something where all these additional tools will fit comfortably.

Ain’t I, right?

Over the years, I’ve faced problems as I rarely find any backpack that actually can bring all these gears at ease. But unlike all of them, tactical range bag backpack helped me overcome this problem.

The bag is perfectly sized and well spacious. The product dimension on the package states 14″ X11″ X19″ which is taller than the standard version of all packs I used earlier. It allows more space for all additional supplies.

It actually can carry all your stuffs.

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2. Durability

The very first impression I had after purchasing this bag was it looked so sturdy and rugged. Over the last three years, it got proven that I wasn’t wrong even for a bit.

3. Let’s come to the technical specification part

The main body of GPS Backpack comes with 1000 denial polyester along with additional Teflon coating, which ensures maximum durability. The stitching on the pack is also hard-wearing. Range shooters are tough personal, so is this bag.

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It’s the outside only. You may wonder what about the inside of the bag, right?

The backpack will also amaze you there. There is an internal honeycomb frame, which makes the bag even more resistant against all sorts of massive impact.

The manufacturers were well thought of as they included an inbuilt cover of synthetic material as rain cover just at the top of your backpack.

Even the YKK branded oversized self-tracking zippers of this backpack are super stable. They are not going to break; they are not going to end up splitting apart on one end after material getting stuck into them.

The bag is undoubtedly made to last.

4. Compartments

Here comes the best feature of the backpack. 

It comes up with the best possible compartmentalized design. There are in total 11 compartments in this bag. All the chambers of this bag are perfectly laid out, and they are sufficiently big enough to carry out all your tools. The compartments are distributed in front, back, top, and two side wise locations.

On the front side, there are two compartments. The top one has three pouches for putting your spare eyeglasses, ear pads. You will get Lanyard here through your car keys. There is another zippered pouch for keeping your wallet, mobile, or your ID maybe.   

GPS Tactical Range Bag Backpack Review

The top below the compartment is divided into hollow linings. I like them to carry my sharpie as I prefer paper plates as a target. Trust me; they are the cheapest!

You can also bring your precision paper for oiling, or cans of ballistol oil there. There is a pouch with a GPS Tactical case for putting some screws or any other hardware materials in case you need some. There is another pocket just in front of it for carrying other necessary tools.

The side compartment is labeled as a tape holder. But, I intend to keep a small diary there to note down the numbers of my shooting rounds on a particular day (as a journal).

There is another pocket on the side compartment where I love to keep my staple gun. You may roll up your paper target and put it on the strap, which locates just above the side compartment.  

On another side of the backpack, there locates the main compartment of this bag. It includes three removable gun storage cases. Each case can hold a single gun and four magazines.

There is also a padded hollow compartment back of the case where you can throw your weapon. It won’t be suitable for a pistol like 1911. But, in case of any fragile small shaped one like Glock 43, it is totally good to go.

The facts are all lined with a soft material so that the guns or mags don’t get collapsed.   

The top compartment is perfectly sized to keep your ear protection in there. I also like to put my ammo boxes there.

Trust me, the compartment facilities of this backpack are by far the best among all the backpacks I have used.

5. Comfort

Despite being a bit bigger, GPS tactical range bag isn’t bulkier as the main body weighs only 6.2 pounds.

There are gently padded sternum straps and waist belt for distributing the entire weight uniformly and also keeping the bag well balanced. The backpack is also well contoured for ensuring maximum air circulation.

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You won’t feel like you’re carrying something!

6. Visual ID Storage System

Another feature that makes me a big fan of GPS bags is this one. They don’t forget to label any of its many pockets with a clear visual ID storage system. It makes keeping and finding all your tools at no time, with no effort.  

Great one, isn’t it? 

7. Locking Zipper

Many of my fellow range shooters are concerned about gun security first. It’s pretty standard. Okay, you’ll also be sure of that while using a GPS backpack as it comes up with YKK lockable zipper facilities, thus keeping your pistol protected.           

GPS Tactical Range Bag Backpack Review

8. MOLLE Webbing

Made with 1000D polyester exterior treated with DuPont Teflon fabric protect-ant which features MOLLE webbing

You are surely going to love the tripled stitched MOLLE webbing system. You may wonder what the term MOLLE does mean, right? Okay, the word MOLLE stands for “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment.”

What I don’t like

The pros of Tactical Backpack over weigh the cons in a more significant, bigger margin. But I think there’s still an area to modify. There is no padding on the back of this backpack.

That’s the main complaint I believe to make on this item. It’s not the most comfortable bag I’ve used so far. The back of the pack feels a bit over rigid to me. The straps are delicate, though.

Best For 

  • Carrying all of your stuff for all day long without making you fatigue
  • Going to hiking
  • Transporting pistols, ammunition, and accessories to the range securely​

Why should you buy this?

I think the exact question should be, why should you not buy this one? It is a total package of durability, practicality, and comfort. It’s a pretty smooth option for all range shooters to purchase.

You can easily use this backpack for like 10 to 20 years. It’s super stable. If you grab one of the items, you don’t need to think of any other option at all. It actually can deliver.


As we have provided a detailed GPS tactical range bag backpack review throughout the article, which may help you to pick this backpack as your best possible bag without even a single thought.

It is a perfect backpack for a well-organized shooter. It’s got a robust structure with a ton of compartments, quite durable to long last for at least 10 years.

You might be a little bit concerned about its high ranged price, but believe me, this is the most excellent choice you could ever make with your money. You won’t regret each of your pence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Is the GPS tactical range bag backpack fold able?

No. You won’t be able to fold this backpack due to its rigid outer construction and all the sturdy compartments.

What is the number of pistol storage cases in it?

There are 3 pistol storage cases in this bag located at one of the side compartments.

Any locking system for this range bag?

The main compartment has lockable dual zippers and well secured. But, the zippers of this backpack don’t offer this feature.

  What size guns can I carry in this range bag?

If you choose guns having a barrel of more than 5 inches like Pistol 1911, they will not be able to fit comfortably. Again guns like Sig p365 or Glock 21 can be easily fit. You can make room for 3 of such models in 3 different cases. For

Can I carry a water bladder in the back compartment?

No, you can’t. There is no such provision for a water bladder. But you can take a small water bottle on one of the top compartments.

 Does it come with the internal handgun storage cases?

Yes, all the tree handgun storage cases are built as an internal and integral part of the backpack.

Is there a long-range GPS bag tracker?

No, there is no such option being available with this backpack.

Waterproof or water resistance?

The rain cover makes the backpack a water-resistant one.

  • Updated November 18, 2022
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