Osage River Tactical Range Bag Review

Osage River Tactical Range Bag Review

Range shooters always look for organizing all of their shooting gear along with related accessories within a bag that won’t give them stress while roaming around range or traveling distances for shooting expeditions. Osage River Tactical Range Bag is a perfect blend of these requirements.

This range bag is a must pick for shooters gearing up for shooting journeys or any adventure that requires traveling. The bag is perfectly laid out with innovative design keeping top-notch excellence and stability in mind. You can get this complete package within a very economical price than many other shooting bags and backpacks as well. How about checking the product in-depth just right below?

Features of Osage River Tactical Range Bag

Let’s go in-depth of the features that make this tactical range bag such an all-rounder one.


There is a good thing for newbies to choose between two different sizes being available of the Osage River Tactical Range Bag. The smaller is one Light Duty Range Bag and the greater one known as Standard Duty Range Bag.

The Light Duty Bag has the dimension of 13.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches. It can comfortably accommodate up to two compact sized pistols like Springfield XDS 9 mm and Glock 43 with them being holstered.

Any such two pistols having a barrel length of below 4.5 inches can easily fit into it with additional accessories including gun lubricant, flashlight, staplers, masking tape, safety equipment like goggles, earmuffs, first aid kids, and ammos.

On the contrary, the Standard Duty Range Bag is quite a good fit for three full-sized guns having barrel size more like 5 to 6 inches along with all accessories and plenty of ammos.

As per the official dimension mentioned by the manufacturer and also on the Amazon site, the Standard size bags have a dimension of 18 x 13 x 10 inches, but in actual they are even bigger than that. My bag measures around 19.5 x 15 x 10 inches. So yeah, it is spacious enough to make ample room for ALL your necessary stuff. 


The Osage River Range Bag comes with a solid construction that is going to PERSIST. The main material of this bag is 600D ballistic nylon accompanied by reinforced stitching which ensures all-out durability and lightweight. Here D refers to Denier, which indicates the fiber thickness being used in the bag.

Nylon is more durable than any bags using polyester as their constructing material. 600D ballistic nylon is for sure not good enough for military duty, but for your hunting trips and other travel purposes, they are durable enough.

The bag is never going to rip off during any of your rough outdoor activities. Instead, it will protect your gears from any sort of rugged wear and elements. Moreover, the bag also comes up with sturdy heavy-duty zippers which are smooth. It’s ready to LAST.


The design of the Osage River is a unique part of it. The bag offers ample storage options to the user. There are in total 14 pockets with 9 well spacious compartments in both sizes of the bag. You can organize all of your arsenals and gadgets comfortably here. The pouches are well-padded so that they can keep your armory sound during your trip and travel.


The main compartment can be divided into different sections by a bunch of adjustable dividers. So, you’ll have an option of segregating the entire bag as you wish to and organizing all your gears in a more planned way.

If you are planning to carry any bulky item, you can also remove them. It’s so easy. In addition to that, there are two removable pistol pouches on both of the side pockets. You can secure your guns by using these side pouches. There are mag pouches on both side pockets as well. This bag certainly holds one of the most excellent designs among all other models.


This unique range bag is not only the best one to hit the range, but also can be used for multiple other purposes. The bag is perfectly designed for any indoor or outdoor hunting session.

If you want to change your travel duffel bags with this one, you can surely go for it. You won’t lose any of your required items; rather keep them more organized for your weekend hunting trip or any week-long hunting expedition.

Osage River Tactical Range Bag

You can bring all your camping gears into it if you have any plan for going on any. Unlike many shooting range bags, there’s no logo on its exterior body. You can’t identify whether it’s a firearm bag, range bag, or any general-purpose bag.

You can use this bag as your emergency bag and keep this in your car’s trunk. The bag is a perfect choice as your regular gym bag or may be used as the alternative of any of your travel bag. Furthermore, I have seen many shooters who don’t like to let people know that there are firearms in their bag. Osage River Range Bag is the best option for them. 

Ease of Carrying 

This Osage River bag is one of the most lightweight bags I have ever used. The bag weighs only 3.55 pounds. Despite being such a small weight, the bag can carry all your stuff without any hassle.

Ease of Carrying

There’s a Velcro closure on the handle of this bag which makes the bag easier carrying with your hands. You won’t feel any discomfort while carrying the bag for any of your long-distance travel or day-long programs.

Besides, there’s also the alternative of a padded shoulder strap that’s removable and easily attachable to the metal clips on either side of the bag. So you can either carry the bag by your hand, or throw it over your shoulder, or even across your body. You can make it comfortable either way.

Color Variation

I love the variety of different colors being offered by this range bag. I always love to go for the black one. But while purchasing one of their Standard Duty bags, I went for the Gunmetal Gray one; as I had plans of using the bag for both shooting and other traveling purposes for which the color looked to be a better fit.

If you would like to pick a Standard Duty Bag, then apart from Black and Gunmetal grey you’ve two more options being available-Pink & Black, Teal & Black. In the case of picking Light Duty bags, you can choose from three different colors- Black, Coyote Tan and OD Green. My wife also picked one of their Pink colored standard duty bags, and she stated, “The color is so cute!”

What I don’t like

Osage River was undoubtedly a good one to pick as my tactical range bag option, and so far, I have loved all of its features. But, one issue that I faced while using the bag is the absence of any locking system or even a zipper on the pistol pouch.

It concerns me about the security of my firearm. Moreover, there might be a tiny chance of any hazardous situation due to the lack of any exceptional closure. There might be some padding cover over the handle to add some comfort while carrying the bag overhand.

osage river tactical light duty range bag

I also had some negative reviews about the less comfort of the shoulder strap. But, I found that okay. I didn’t feel any problem carrying the bag over my shoulder at all.

Best For

This tactical range bag is best for its versatile uses and the option of having two different sizes for your different purposes. You may use the Light Duty on as your regular gym bag, again the Standard Duty for long-distance travel or adventure trip purposes. For any of your extended hunting and shooting experience, this bag is best poised for that.

Why should you buy this?

One of the most affordable bags being available right now with a lifetime warranty makes Osage River a stellar choice for all range enthusiasts. The bag is cheaper than other famous tactical range bags, or travel duffel bags brands like SMITH & WESSON, Explorer, GunMate, etc. But it offers better flexibility and adjust-ability than all of them. So, it’s a must pick for you.


No matter if you are a new shooter or have a hell of experience, you will always need a bag that can carry all your gears and is easy to pick for distances. Comfort is also a plus. You’re going to have all of these in Osage River with least possible value and lifetime warranty adding a cherry on top of everything.

If you are relatively new in shooting, I would recommend you to pick the Light Duty Bag as it would be quite roomy and stress-free for your unique experiences. It’ll also save you a few more bucks.

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Final Word

From the above mentioned in-depth Osage River Tactical Range Bag Review, it is clear that this bag is very reliable for multipurpose use. It’s got a robust body that can sustain against all the odds.

The bag can make room for all your shooting accessories. Its innovative design can make the bag turn into any travel duffel bag you might look for.

The lightweight construction of this bag will help you carry the bag all day long with no effort. The bag expenses you fewer bucks than many other ones, but it lasts longer. Make an order now and trust me, you won’t need to look for any other option further.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Would This Bag Be For Shooting Trap?

Yes, certainly. A trap shooter can carry all his necessary items in this bag. This bag would be an ideal choice for them.

2. Can It Be Locked?

Yes, all the chains of this bag are lockable except the pistol pouch. There should have been a zipper or Velcro around there as well.

3. Is There A Shoulder Strap?

Yes, this bag comes with a padded shoulder strap despite there being a handle with it.

4. Does Shoulder Strap Come With One?

Yes, it does.

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