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6 Best Discreet Rifle Case Reviews with Covert Gun Bag Ideas

Discreet or convert gun cases are the demand of maximum rifle owners and here you will get best ideas about discreet rifle backpack or cases.

The purpose of designing a discreet rifle case is simple, keeping a low profile and stay unnoticed. Many shooters don’t prefer to notify people around while carrying their guns on their way to the range.

Keeping their demand on the mind, the discreet rifle case is tailored for their covert operation. They have concealable compartments, hidden magazine pouches, and, most importantly, discreet outlook.

Best Discreet Rifle Case Reviews

Some look like a tennis bag, some like briefcase, some again like any regularly used bag. All these bags serve the purposes just like the usual range bags or rifle cases, instead of in some cases, add even more advantages.

But you need to pick the best one first. Here is a complete buying guide with a quick overview of some Best discreet rifle cases of the market. Have a look.

Savior Equipment T.G.B 30″ 34″ Discreet Tactical Long Rifle Bug Out Bag

Savior Equipment The Coffin T.G.B 30' 34' Discreet Tactical Rifle Soft Case Firearm...
1,620 Reviews
Savior Equipment The Coffin T.G.B 30" 34" Discreet Tactical Rifle Soft Case Firearm...
  • [Built-to-Protect. Built-to-Last.] - 600D PVC Shell &...
  • [Keep a Low Profile] - Designed For Concealed Carry to Avoid...

Having the resemblance to a tennis bag more rather than a short case, savior equipment American classic tactical double short barrel rifle gun case firearm bag is built to keep a low profile and stay unnoticed.

The front cover, being made with 600D P.V.C. throughout reinforced stressed points, can conceal your rifle—all-around protection provided by the removable center divider. 

There’s an additional panel just behind the front cover that’s full of MOLLE combination and hook & loop webbing for fitting more accessories, maybe your extra magazines with pouches.

The rigid hook & loop strap and adjustable barrel sleeves secure your firearm while allowing for rapid deployment. Quick access pull handles will enable you to draw your gun quickly.

A large last-minute pouch that is capable of fitting earmuffs. 

The case comes with ambidextrous configurable shoulder strap, classic carrying handle, and Top and bottom drag handles.

You may have an issue with its relatively smaller taco holster to fit in small pistols like Ruger LC9 or Glock 43. Other than that, the case is a perfect option to hit within below than 60 bucks to hit the range and deploy asap. 

Bulldog Cases “Ultra Compact” AR-15 Discreet Carry Case

Bulldog Cases 'Ultra Compact' AR-15 Discreet Carry Case in Navy (29-inch)
647 Reviews
Bulldog Cases "Ultra Compact" AR-15 Discreet Carry Case in Navy (29-inch)
  • Smallest AR-15 case available
  • Durable nylon, water-resistant outer shell with padded...

One of the smallest gun cases of the industry is Bulldog cases ultra compact ar-15 discreet carry case or bag. It’s specially designed for fitting AR-15 rifle into it.

You may get best discreet rifle case or bag ideas from it’s manual. Its small shape with no exterior pockets make this case a very discreet one to carry your guns without notifying around. 

Made with durable ballistic nylon, and also its heavy-duty custom zippers make the case a sturdy one to withstand all odds—the body’s water-resistant.

On top of that, its laminated with heat resistant tricot lining that don’t even stick to the barrels. The two and half inches of padding throughout along with a padded center divider at inside help the case protect the rifle, gun parts and optics.

There’re two internal additional gun pouches for doing you a favor. The wrap-around carrying handles make the case move with minimal effort.

The case gives the best discreet look that can ever be possible. Though the case is a long time winner, still, they can consider attaching some internal straps and velcro ties to make it even more attractive. 

Savior Equipment Specialist Series 30″ 34″ Covert Discreet Tactical Sbr Rifle Bag

Bulldog Cases 'Ultra Compact' AR-15 Discreet Carry Case in Navy (29-inch)
647 Reviews
Bulldog Cases "Ultra Compact" AR-15 Discreet Carry Case in Navy (29-inch)
  • Smallest AR-15 case available
  • Durable nylon, water-resistant outer shell with padded...

Another exceptional discreet tactical rifle case designed for professionals is Savior equipment specialist series covert discreet tactical S.B.R. (Short-barreled rifle) case.

Its muted exterior design can not only conceal the gun carry, but also strategically store and secure your firearms. 600D premium P.V.C. made shell with the double-stitched body and interior lining make the case durable one.

Well, padded spacious single rifle compartment comes with sturdy lockable zippers and adjustable barrel sleeve. 

You can throw in everything in its handy top poch or roomy bottom ones being enriched with MOLLE panels and inner mesh pockets. Not a single item will miss out.

You may also draw your arsenal quickly at the range from its hidden pocket. Its toned out exterior will conceal everything for you. The options for using the bag are genuinely endless.

You may use it as your favorite range bag, or bug-out bag, even as a truck gun bag as well. Carrying the bag won’t make you feel like dragging as you’ll get either thoroughly hidden padded backpack straps or padded handles as well.

Fitting your earmuffs in the main compartment might feel tight. Otherwise, the whole case is the best customizable one in the market to pick. 

Nc Star Discreet Carbine Case (VISM)

Another fantastic discreet rifle case or bag primarily designed focusing AR-15 rifles on mind is nc star discreet rifle case.

It’s also suitable for M4 Carbine and other rifles within 16 inches barrel after they being taken down into separate upper and lower divisions. You can easily fit any short-barreled rifles and several pistols as well. 

The case looks more like a briefcase and has a very sturdy double-stitched body. Its main compartment is fully padded with Velcro lining and P.A.L. webbing for helping you with customized configuration and better organization of the entire case.

The compartment has 2 padded dividers accompanied by Velcro and securing straps to protect your gears and accessories. It also holds to padded pockets to carry your magazines and additional items.

Comfortable carrying of the case is ensured by carry handle strap or adjustable shoulder strap. It’s the best Discreet rifle case or bag with such a simple, yet fashionable design in the market. But, if you want to carry rifles without taking them down, you would need to go for another case. 

Bulldog Extreme Rectangle Discreet Black Assault Rifle Gun Case

Bulldog Extreme Rectangle Discreet Black Assault Rifle Case (35-Inch)
104 Reviews
Bulldog Extreme Rectangle Discreet Black Assault Rifle Case (35-Inch)
  • Our Tactical Rifle Case has brand new rectangle design...
  • This rifle case consists of spacious extra large...

The brand Bulldog Cases is famous for making rugged and reliable gun bags and rifle cases. Just like all other products, Bulldog extreme rectangle discreet assault (35 or 40 or 45 inch) rifle gun case also presents the combination of both form and function. 

The case is made with durable and water-resistant extra heavy duty ballistic nylon with two and a half inches soft padding around the outer shell.

The fiber-reinforced sidewalls make this item even more durable. On top of that, there’s a brushed tricot soft scratching proof inner lining that makes the bag long-lasting.

The main compartment is well spacious with 6 concealed magazine holders so that you can store all your shooting gears and ammunition’s.

The heavy-duty zippers are full-length and robust to withstand any shock and can smoothly slide over. The case offers versatile carrying option due to its nylon made carrying straps and additional adjustable backpack style straps.

There’s a small issue, though, as the backpack straps are fixed, causing the slight problem. But still, the case is an excellent choice to pick from its three different sizes and two alternative colors. 

Things To Consider Before Buying – How To Choose Discreet Rifle Case?

Before making up your mind or purchasing any discreet rifle case, there are some apparent factors you’ve to analyze. 


No matter what type of case you purchase, the first thing to consider must be durability. The case must have a strong body and persist in different tough circumstances over the years. Make sure of that.


Go for reliable ones. If you are a newbie in shooting, then you need to analyze customer reviews and ratings, then go for the top listed ones. Top brands tend to the most reliable ones.


Choose a rifle case that you can pick easily. Know your limits first. Nylon and polyester made ones are lightweight; on the contrary, the metal or P.V.C. ones weigh heavier.

Legal Issues

Many local authorities don’t permit carrying firearms publicly. In that case, discreet cases are good option. Before going to purchase the rifle case, make sure what’s your local laws are. Otherwise, your case might be left unused.

User Experience

While analyzing different case options and making a relative comparison, it’s always a better way to explain their user experiences too.

If you’ve known fellow users, then consult with them, learn their user experience, pros, and cons, then make the purchase.


The material being used in the case defines other factors like quality performance, sturdiness, durability, longevity, and so on. So it’s a prime thing to consider.

Flying With Firearms

Before purchasing any firearm case, make sure that it’s T.S.A. (Transportation Security Administration) so that you don’t face any unwanted situation with aviation authority while flying with the case.

Locks and Safety

The safety of your arsenal should be a significant concern. Make sure the cases’ gun-carrying compartments are lockable with T.S.A. approved lock or other padlocks.

Features- Benefits of Discreet Rifle Cases

Built Structure

The main compartment of the rifle case is concealable features along with other hidden pouches to make the case unnoticed.

Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap of discreet rifle cases is well padded and adjustable to make it more comfortable to carry.

Case Quality

Most of the cases are built to ensure the best quality. They have a perfect blend of reliability, durability, and comfort.


Discreet rifle cases are built with heavy-duty in mind. They are made with ballistic nylon or outer P.V.C. shell with heat and scratch resistant fiber lining.

Hook and Loop

Hook & Loop webbing ensures attaching more gears in your case. Hook & Loop straps allow quick access and faster deployment.

Mag Pouches

Each discreet case is available with removable and easily adjustable mag pouches to add more benefits to its user.

Worth The Money

Discreet rifle case provides the best innovative features with a fashionable outlook and not make a single compromise with the primary purpose of a case. Each of your bucks is worthy of having it

Well Built

Double stitched body with MOLLE webbing, classy compartments, additional pouches, hook & loop overlay, and enough velcro lining makes these cases the perfect built.

Pistol Holster

Cases come with Velcro made pistol holster. Size of them varies from brand to brand, but they are well made.

Final Word

Quality, reliability, durability, comfort, etc. are all must looking factors while picking any rifle case or tactical range bag. In case of a discreet rifle case, you just need to add one more feature- their concealing nature.

Discreet cases are well-made, well-spacious, and built to last. Best discreet rifle case can undoubtedly add more versatility in your list of arsenals, and spice up your shooting experience. 


Will It Fit With Ak47?

Yes. You can fit your taken down the AK47 rifle into upper and lower receivers.

Would It Be Possible To Carry 2 Rifles In One Bag?

Most rifle cases offer plenty of space to carry two rifles.

Are The Zippers Lockable?

Yes, the lockable zipper is one of the main features of these cases.

Is There Any Partition Available In Case?

Yes, for better customization, a partition is available.

Is There Room For A Soft Cased Handgun?

Sure, there is ample space there.

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