Top 10 Best Pistol Range Bag Reviews for Shooting Range

Pistol range bag from overall best where reviews given here for those visit the shooting range frequently or hunting in regular basis.

If you’re hitting the shooting range, the first thing that will be in your top priority list will be a solid pistol range bag. No matter if you’re a professional shooter or other casual gun enthusiasts, you’re surely going to realize how convenient a range bag can be.

Your guns, ammo, target, range, hearing protective equipment, eye-guard, and absolutely every item can easily be placed in a single bag. You won’t miss any of them if you have a suitable-sized pistol range bag.

But the first thing to do is to find out the best pistol range bag that’s going to match with all your demands. Here you’ll get a complete guideline. So, let’s begin?

Top 10 Best Multi Pistol Range Bag Reviews for Your Shooting Range

Pistol range bag actually design for shooting but you may use it for hunting and travelling range. to know more lets check the details about everything. Your query may be 2 pistol, 3 pistol, 4 pistol, 6 pistol, multi or multiple pistol, leather pistol range bag and we try to review all type of affordable range bag here.

DBTAC Small Gun Range Bag

The DBTAC range gun bag is a versatile one that fits different firearms like pistols, revolvers, or handguns. It has a spacious item coming with the main compartment having dimensions of 12.5x5x8 inch.

There’s an additional cushioned MOLLE utility pouch with 2 vertical snap straps. The DBTAC range gun bag is made of 600D polyester fabric and reinforced sewn, which made the item a sturdy, waterproof, yet lightweight one.

This range bag is built to last. The dual zippers having a diameter of 0.2-inch are pretty strong, and they have dual lockable features to fit with almost all luggage locks.

You can secure your firearms on a long-range day. To fit all your essential shooting gears, there’re 4 built-in well-cushioned mesh pockets. Velcro handgrip and padded strong D-ring assembled shoulder strap help the users with comfortably carrying the bag. 

Where it suits best

The DBTAC range bag is perfectly sized for carrying 2 pistols along with all range accessories. It’s small but quite handy for your range day. It’s also a good alternative as a camera and EDC bag.


  • The wide-range capacity of holding pistol range and accessories. 
  • MOLLE attachment bag with 2 buckle straps.
  • Four different colored options to pick.


  • Relative less paddling in the bottom region. 

Why Should You Buy This?

Within a limited budget, the best range bag that can possibly come to your choice list must be DBTAC Bag, which can be used for other functions rather than carrying shooting gears. 

Tactical Gun Range Bag Deluxe Pistol Shooting Range

Another long-lasting, durable, heavy-duty range bag is REEBOW Tactical Deluxe Pistol Shooting Range Duffle Bag.

It’s made with 600D nylon fabric and has a bigger compartment of 14x8x9 inches. The bag comes with the multi-compartment feature to protect your gun and all related accessories.

All the compartments are well-padded to add top-notch security. There Are two removable inner partitions to customize your bag and add more sub-compartments in the main one.

There are also multiple Velcro lines all over the bag body to attach different items to them. There’s both handle and shoulder strap to easily carry the bag. 

Where it suits best

If you’re to carry a lot of different items to the shooting range, this bag will surely meet your all demand. It’s also a good one as a photography duffle bag. 


  • Plenty of room to carry all your stuff.
  • Customization of the bag is possible to make more sub-compartments. 
  • Within your limited budget.


  • No lock is included in the zippers

Why should you buy this?

It’s a perfectly sized bag; neither a bulky nor a clunky one. You don’t need to be worried about the bottom of this bag. It’s also flawless. Overall, a must pick item.

Exos Range Bag, Free Subdued USA Flag Patch Included

Despite being compact, the Exos range bag is quite good to hold a range gun and all other necessary items. It’s built with heavy-duty 600D Denier Polyester Fabric, which ensures weather resistibility.

The main compartment has a dual-zippered Velcro opening to allow fast and full access to it. Zippers are designed with an ergonomic nylon cord and provide flexible pull.

There’s an internal divider that can hold 5 of your magazines. There are four external pockets where the front one is an elastic net one.

The whole bag is made with exterior MOLLE webbing along with two external Velcro loops for allowing additional attachments of accessories.

Where it suits best

If you’re looking for a small-sized bag with fewer storage options, then Exos Rang Bag would be perfect for you. You can easily use this as a go-bag item.   


  • Solid and durable product.
  • Fully removable padded shoulder strap.


  • Not a suitable bag for bigger guns.

Why should you buy this?

Exos is a great range bag for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a must purchase item as a multi-functional item for its reliable and consistent experience. 

DBTAC Tactical Pistol Shooting Range Duffle Bag

A versatile range bag to perfectly store your handguns, revolvers, or pistols is DBTAC Tactical Shooting Range Duffle Bag.

It’s made with 600D polyester fabric to present a robust, sturdy, water-resistant design, but still a lightweight one for your shooting range experience.

The bag has a special size to a room for 4 or even more handguns, ammo, and all essential shooting gears like an eye, ear protection, gun oil, magazines, etc.

There Are 6-times much slots in the front pocket and to hold the magazine’s mesh pouches as well. The rear zippered pocket comes with Velcro closure.

You can also keep other shooting supplies or notebook in the Velcro looped side pockets. Its comfortable grip and padded carrying shoulder strap make the bag carry at ease. 

Where it suits best

This bag is a versatile one. You can also use it outside of the shooting range as a gym bag, camera-carrying carrier, traveling bag, or EDC item. 


  • Reinforced sewn construction.
  • Sturdy dual lockable zippers are compatible with most luggage locks.
  • Top-notch security and reliability to firearms. 


  • Zippers are a bit rigid. You might need wax to lubricate them. 

Why should you buy this?

DBTAC Tactical Range Bag is a multi-functional bag and also great considering durability or user comfort. You should try this out for sure.

Procase Tactical Pistol Case

This Tactical Pistol Bag comes with an external body made with oxford fabric and an inner lining made from high-density polyester fabric. Thus, both the inner and outer of the case is pretty durable and water-repellant.

The main compartment is a pretty large one and divided into two padded compartments to store two handguns. All the shooting accessories will be secured in the middle space.

You can easily accommodate up to 5 double stack magazines in the front pocket’s built-in elastic loops. There’s MOLLE webbing to allow the users to attach different pouches or accessories. 

Where it suits best

If you want to carry more magazines for an extensive shooting range day, this tactical pistol case would be your best choice.


  • More storage options.
  • Pretty solid outer and inside design.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • No solid locking features. 

Why should you buy this?

This pistol case is a perfect one for the extensive shooting day. You can use the item for the hunting expedition as well. Purchasing the bag won’t be a mistake!

Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns, Pistols, and Ammo

One of the vastest range bags to provide a massive storage place for all your shooting accessories is this Orca Tactical Range Bag. It’s got the capacity of holding more than 3 handguns! Isn’t that incredible?

This military-grade heavy-duty range bag comes with 600D polyester fabric and reinforced double stitch to make the item sturdier.

Its premium quality lockable YKK zippers have nylon pulling features and are famous for their rust-resistant attributes. This bag’s exterior body has a special coating to make it protected from any scratch or soaking.

The wider main compartment has a removable divider so that you can customize the bag as per your need.

All the pouches, pockets, and sub-compartments are fully padded, so is its wider grip handle to ensure maximum comfort and added security. 

Where it suits best

If you’ve safety and security in mind, then Orca Tactical is the name that you can trust. Moreover, the bag’s massive size makes it a perfect one to carry a load of items.


  • Huge holding capacity and massive storage option.
  • Durable and sturdy, yet comfortable to carry around.


  • Its higher value might be an issue. 

Why should you buy this?

This military-grade heavy designed range bag is huge to offer you the maximum capacity. You can use it to carry your camera or as an alternative to a travel bag. Reliability is the main feature to offer for this item.

Exos Double Pistol Gun Case

Coming with a dimension of 12 by 9 inches, Exos Double Gun Case is a highly-functional convenient sidearm bag for shooters.

It has a wrap-around designed opener to give the case a lay-flat design and ensure fast access to the main compartment.

The whole body is 600D durable polyester fabric made, and the interior part is fully padded.

The exterior has MOLLE webbing and double Velcro loops. The front pocket can hold 5 magazines, whereas the main one can carry two full-sized guns. You can also place two additional mags in the spare part in between. 

Where it suits best

If you want to have a convenient range bag for a faster shooting experience, then Exos is the one for you.


  • Full lay-flat design of the bag.
  • A compact easy-to-go item.


  • Only available in two different colors.

Why should you buy this?

Exos can provide the premium quality service of a perfect range case along with a user-friendly, ergonomic design within a limited budget. It won’t disappoint you at all.

ProCase Tactical Sling Bag with Pistol Holster

ProcCase Tactical Sling Bag is a perfectly shaped ideal Tactical EDC pouch. Premium oxford fabric gives the bag durable and water-resistant features.

There are three zippered compartments and enormous dividers and a MOLLE system to allow this backpack with endless customization options.

There is a Hook & Loop system to the bag’s front to attach items like a morale patch or your personality tags. You can place your valuable stuff in the concealed back pocket.

Despite so many features, the bag is pretty compact and lightweight. 

Where it suits best

This bag is an all-rounder considering its versatile uses. You can do it for any of your outdoor experiences like traveling, hiking, hitting gyms, etc. It’s also a great EDC item. 


  • No rips or tears over the bag body. 
  • Convenient and fast access opening.
  • Three different carrying options.


  • Some customers find this bag a bit small-sized.

Why should you buy this?

The bag is truly multi-functional. You can use this case for a wide range of different purposes. It’s undoubtedly a good one to go for. 

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag

BlackHawk Range Bag is famous for its long-lasting service. It’s built with durable and waterproof 600D polyester material along with a PVC lamination.

To protect your firearms from any sort of impact or misfiring, the bag has a dual-density foam incorporating an open-cell foam arrangement. There Are two internal slash pockets with a dual-slider for having easy access.

The bag features wraparound MOLLE webbing and tactical web handles, and shoulder strap. Its heavy-duty coil zippers also last longer than others.

Where it suits best

If you want to suit two of your full-sized guns and all other accessories as well, BlackHawk would be a great option for that. 


  • Rugged, heavy-duty lockable zippers to last longer.
  • Wider shoulder strap to easily carry the bag around.


  • Snaps of the shoulder strap might be improved.

Why should you buy this?

This bag provides all essential requirements of a range case with added durability and maximized comfort. It’s an excellent option to consider. 

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

G.P.S Tactical Range Backpack provides three separate removable gun carrying cases. You can hold 3 pistols and up to 12 magazines in these padded cases.

The case exterior is built with extremely rigid 1000D polyester material with DuPont Teflon protectant and wraparound MOLLE webbing.

There’s a rain cover to keep the entire bag waterproof and also the contents dry on any rainy day at the shooting range.

The padded chest strap and a cushioned waist belt ensure better load stability while carrying the backpack. 

Where it suits best

If you’ve got many accessories to accommodate, including targets, shooting glasses, earmuffs, tape, stapler, keys, flashlight in your range bag, then GPS is the one for you.


  • Visual ID system for easy and quick storage location identification.
  • Solid lockable YKK zippers to secure your firearms. 


  • Gun pouches are a bit stiff for full-size pistols.

Why should you buy this?

You can experience one of the most reliable shooting experiences with the GPS Tactical Backpack as they concern more about gun safety and load stability. 

Things to Consider before Buying Best Pistol Range Bag

There Are some obvious factors you surely need to consider while purchasing the best pistol range bag. Here we’ll point out the most important one.


Your firearms are sensitive tools. No doubt, you want to keep them secure and protect from falling into other people’s hands. Thus, closure of a range bag is a very crucial factor to consider.

Zippers need to be sturdy like the bag material so that they can withstand all rough impacts. Durability isn’t the only quality you need to look for in your zippers.

They also should have lockable features in order to keep your guns secured. Try to pick a case with zippers that are suitable for all luggage locks. 


The durability and weather-resistance of a range bag depend wholly on its material. Material ensures the product’s long life. Nylon is a good range of bag material.

Again if the bag comes with polyester or other polymers, they are also safe to go. Denier is a unit to refer to the sturdiness of bag material. The higher the material, the heavier the tool is.

Check for a suitable value of this unit before purchasing your bag. Most polyester materials made range bags have a thicker body and ensure a longer lifetime.


You can’t compromise with product comfort, can you? Guns and ammo are heavy items to take enough toll on your body. Sometimes, you might need to carry the range bag for a day-long shooting range expedition.

Again, you might need to go hiking in an outdoor range. In such cases, comfort is the first thing you might look for.

Range bag with cushioned covering all over the body and padded handle or shoulder strap, can bring the maximum user-comfort. Try to pick a case that will allow you to enjoy most of its features.

The Way You Intend to Carry It

Carrying a range bag also associates with user-comfort in many cases. Many people love to carry it using the handle.

Many love to use the shoulder strap. Again, some people love to put it as a sideway case.

It’s up to the user’s comfort actually how he/she intends to carry the bag. My preference is the bag having both options of handle and shoulder strap. 


Great design is the one that allows users to maximize the internal space and helps all gears keep tidy. There also should be features like padded handle and shoulder strap to ensure more comfort.

The internal compartment should have the option to make it customized as per the user’s need. A partition might be a great option in this respect. Zippers need to be sturdy and with the lockable feature.

Guns carrying pouches should be enough padded to avoid firearms from any impact. The case should be ergonomically designed to perfectly match with customer’s demand.


Whenever a customer buys a gun-carrying case, most of them expect the range bag to have lasted for years.

The first condition of any reliable gun range bag is that it will be durable enough to withstand all wear and tear and its capability to survive all harsh conditions that you might face while hitting your shooting range, hiking, or traveling from a place to another with the bag.

Its design is to be a solid one. There’re many shooters who don’t even hesitate to put a large amount of money on the table, just for a very reliable gun case. They don’t waste any extra money; rather, they have long objectives in their mind.

The cheap gun bag can save you some extra bucks, but they will break into pieces in the long run. On the contrary, a high-quality, durable product is worthy of each penny being paid for the item’s purchase.

In the case of any standard-quality case, it has to have the ability to endure the weight of firearms and also to survive the stress of being tossed into the car or truck bag. Don’t miss a durable gun case.

Number of Pockets and its Size

Each gun bag comes with multiple pockets and pouches with varied sizes, shapes, or designs. The number of guns/pistols carried by a range bag depends on the number of bag pockets.

The greater the number of pockets, the more items are possible to store in the bag. In most range bags, the main compartment has space to accommodate 2 regular-sized guns.

Some can afford more than that, as well. There might be an internal divider in some range bags to create more sub-pockets in it. 

Single Pistol Range Bag Vs Multi Pistol Range Bag 

Single Pistol Range Bag

As the name suggests, a single pistol range bag has an interior space of holding a single handgun or pistol into it. It’s a lightweight, designed bag to easily carry around the shooting range.

In most cases, this type of bag consists of a big padded separate compartment to place your pistol and other accessories like magazines and speed loader into the magazine slots, a couple of ammo boxes, some ear protections, or some folding eye guard, etc.

Shooters with frequent trips to the range use a single pistol range bag as they are pretty simple and easy to carry around. You can carry several pistols into a single range bag, but I would suggest you go for a large multiple pistol explorer bag. 

Multi Pistol Range Bag

In the case of a multi pistol range bag, there’s enough space to accommodate more than one pistol without making your stuff too jam. There Are separate padded storage spaces for multiple pistols in this type of bag.

You can easily carry 3 to 4 of your regular sized pistols into it, with even room to spare. There’s also a definite option of carrying multiple magazines or ammo boxes and a whole range of other accessory items.

All great multiple pistol range bag brands offer bags with multiple storage spaces, yet they are simply and very intuitively designed so that users can keep all their gears pretty organized.   

Single vs Multi Pistol Range Bag Differences

  • A single Pistol Range Bag is lightweight and smaller in size than a Multiple Pistol Range Bag. 
  • There’s a single slot to carry your pistol in a single range bag, whereas in case of any multi-range one, there are separate padded storage spaces for your different pistols or handguns.
  • You can keep limited, most likely 4 to 6 magazines in a single bag, but it’s possible to carry 8 to 12 magazines without any hassle in multiple cases. You can also carry more than that. 
  •  You won’t have ample space of holding an earmuff into your single pistol range bag. You need to carry other alternative options, like earplugs, as your ear-defender. On the contrary, there’s no such limitation while using a multiple pistol range bag. You can easily make a place for your earmuffs as well as other gears and items.

Best Pistol Range Bag Contents

It’s a significant point to discuss. Range Bag is the solution of carrying all your necessary guns and gears when you’re to enjoy your shooting range expedition.

But, if you don’t actually know what contents you mustn’t slip out while arranging your bag, you might be in trouble in the shooting range. All your shooting range bag’s benefits will eventually go in vain.

To avoid such an issue, let’s make a chart of all the necessary contents you’ve to carry into your pistol range bag while hitting the shooting range. 

  • Magazines.
  • Several boxes of ammo. 
  • Safety glasses. 
  • Ear defenders like earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Shooting gloves.
  • Targets.
  • Stapler.
  • Gun cleaning oil.
  • Gun maintenance kit.
  • First aid kit.
  • Flashlight.
  • Notebook and pen or marker.
  • Spare magazines.
  • Multi-tool.
  • Masking tape. 

Pistol Range Packing Tips

After gathering all items of your checklist, now it’s time to assemble them accordingly. Packing gears can make a difference in your shooting experience. Here’re some steps to follow while packing your bag.

  • Label all the gears of your range bag with a permanent metallic marker. 
  • Keep a copy of the range items checklist in your range bag.
  • Mark all the items that are to be repaired or switched. 
  • Make a luggage tag, fill it out with your personal information, and then place it on any less-used zipper on the bag. A luggage tag is a better solution than nameplate or any permanent marker writing.
  • Use plastic bags to keep the gears dried.
  • Place your gun or guns in their separate compartments.
  • Keep your first aid kit easily accessible. If it’s possible, attach it to outer MOLLE straps.

Wrapping Bag

A proper pistol range bag is a must for shooting enthusiasts and range people. Most range bags have different uses like a duffel bag, travel bag, EDC item, or daily use go-bag. If you can pick the right bag for any of your tasks, it’s likely to last for long and help you in quite a different service. You need to do proper homework before deciding to pick a bag for you. And we’ve already done that for you!

Some FAQs regarding Best Pistol Range Bag

What Is Range Bag?

A range bag is very much similar to a duffel or travel bag, but unless those two, range bags are built to use in a shooting range. This bag is specially designed to place all your firearms, ammo, and all shooting related accessories. 

Why You Need a Rage Bag?

A range bag can serve you in a lot of various ways. You can carry your shooting gears easily and give them enhanced ergonomics using a range bag. This bag helps users keep their delicate tools secured from crushing impact or weather and also gives them easier access in their range day. Thus, a range bag can save a shooter’s time and effort at the range. In long trekking or hiking, a shooting range bag protects the shooters from a lot of body tolls.

What Is Your Range Day Checklist?

You need to be fully preoccupied before hitting the range. Double-check all the gears and don’t miss any of them.

Try to maintain a range bag items checklist for the ease of the task. You also need to check whether all your gears are fully operational or not.

Make some emergency action plans to keep yourself ready for everything. Keep your individual first-aid-kit and trauma kit in the bag to save yourself from the emergency.

Make a proper personal emergency information sheet, seal the sheet in an envelope and label it clearly on the range bag so that it can easily be found.

Complete some basic range surveys like knowing the range’s location details and know about the dispatchers.

Lady shooters need to carry some additional personal items like clippers, hygiene items, hairbrush, or make-up items. You don’t know when you might need a touch-up!

Finally from this topic where reviews given and you will find best pistol range bag for your shooting spot or any kind of using in hunting or outdoor practice.

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