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14 Common Misconceptions People have about Hunting?

Whenever we think about hunting, in most of us a common scenario comes up in our mind subconsciously- a brutal face, a merciless heart and a barbarian way of innocent animal killing.

But is that true all the time? Or just a misconception that leads up us thinking like the way? Is hunting really such a brutal way of treating animal kingdom and a threat to the normal order of the environment? Well, most of us aren’t sure about that.

But we tend to think negative about hunting in most of the times. There are some other false and mistake views, myths, misconceptions, attitudes, etc. regarding hunting.

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  • Updated September 28, 2020

How to Choose Right Shooting Safety Gear at Any Place

Shooting is fun. No matter whether it’s for hunting, simply target practicing or paintball gun playing. But it’s more important to ensure better safety to all over your body, especially the sensitive parts like ear and eye.

That’s why safety gear is a must have item in the range for you if you are shooting lover. Now, choosing the best and most suitable shooting safety gear is the most important task before putting one. Here you will get a complete guideline.

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  • Updated January 22, 2021

Safety Rules: Protect Your Ears When Shooting and Hunting




No doubt safety rules in shooting comes first. If you are shooting lover or regular shooter, you already know the things that how many hazards this fun thing can bring and how much threatening this can be for your sense organs. One of such organs you surely need to protect is your ear.

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  • Updated January 23, 2021

Positive and Negative Effects of Hunting: Including Benefits and Disadvantages on The Environment

According to study of archeologists, prehistoric men started hunting around 1.9 million years ago. So, men are familiar with hunting from their ancestors’ very beginning.

The main purpose of their hunting was simple although, we have some common misconceptions about hunting. It was for searching of meat for their carnivorous nature and thus ensuring food for themselves and their family with the advancement of civilization, the urge of hunting only for the collection of food minimizes, but there is still the appeal of hunting prevailing.

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  • Updated March 10, 2021

Range Bag vs Backpack: Ways You Can Find to Choose Better

If you shop for a range bag online, you’re probably going to read in the product description that it’s an all-around bag that you can use not just for the range but also hunting and hiking.

On the other hand, you’ll also find backpacks advertised for camping, hiking and even a shooting range, so range bag vs backpack, which is the better option between these two choices?

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  • Updated April 12, 2020