Best Tactical Rifle Case Reviews

10 Best Tactical Rifle Cases: Scoped, Hard and Soft

There is an old saying in the rifle case industry- Never mess with the case. The prime concern of using a rifle case is pretty simple, ensuring protection for your arms, and also for you. If you can’t pick the best rifle case for your arsenal, then it’s not likely to happen.

The best tactical rifle case doesn’t make you pay many bucks either; all you need to know is some guidelines before picking one. Which one to go? Which factors to consider? Right? Here awaits the best solution for you. Just scroll, and let’s end all your confusion. 

Types of Tactical Rifle Cases

Rifle cases are divided into two categories- single or double, considering the number of guns/rifles you need to carry. Here you’ll get an overview of the best cases of both categories. 

Single Rifle Case

Savior Equipment The Patriot 45″ Single Rifle Gun Tactical Bag – Best Rifle Case for The Money

One of the best single gun cases being out there in the market is Savior Equipment The Patriot. It’s soft fleece-lined internal padding with 13-inch width can fit most rifles being attached to all their extended accessories.

The case ensures the best protection to your firearm as its outer shell is made with 600D PVC Shell along with heavy-duty EVA foamed padding. No unnecessary movement and damage by your gun are ensured due to its lockable zippers and adjustable hook & loop straps features.

Removable and easily adjustable mag cover can fit different mags up to 40 rounds. An adjustable shoulder strap adds an alternative to the classic padded carrying handle. The case is best for carrying any sized gun due to its extra size.

The access long velcro snaps on the exterior mag pocket might be discomforting, but you can adjust it from the inside of the bag. It’s the best value for money options in the market. Plus, its lifetime warranty is a bonus. 

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 36-Inch

Just like all other products of the same brand, Plano All Weather tactical gun cases for rifles is made to keep your firearm safe no matter the condition outside and you may like it as best long gun rifle hard case.

This rifle case offers the rugged dependability you have come to expect from it. Continuous Dri-Loc Seal provides the maximum protection for your gear, making it air and watertight, and also keeping it free from dust.

Dual-stage lockable latches make sure the case remains closed even when subjected to intensive bumping. The pressure release valves adjust for pressure due to a change of temperature or altitude.

Your gun and its accessories will be held securely because of its amazing customizable pluck-to-fit foam feature. The only problem is this model comes with no wheel, but this feature is available with the larger one of 52 inches.

Yet considering the rigidness of the shell, it’s the Best Tactical Gun Case that guarantees pelican quality with only half of the price. A very must pick option for you. 

BLACKHAWK Sportster Tactical Rifle Case (42.5-Inch Long, Black)

If you’re looking for a gun case that can survive in a variety of environments, then BLACKHAWK Sportster is an excellent option to pick.

Its quality and rugged manufacturing style with ample storage facility make this case an outstanding choice for all gun lovers. The main body is made from tightly woven 600 denier polyester along with PVC lamination to provide more resilience on its outer shell.

Double layers of protective coating on both sides ensure maximum safety, absorbing all impacts, and safeguarding your firearm. Oversized coil zippers are built considering heavy-duty on the mind and last longer for self-healing features.

The case has room for five external mag pockets and also accommodates two large ones for carrying accessory gears. The only drawback you might find with its single zipper, and it might seem heavy duty gun case to you. Apart from that, the case is undoubtedly one of the best rifle cases within your budget limit. 

Double Rifle Case

Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Case

In case of carrying multiple guns with additional gears, Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Case is by far the best you are ever going to experience.

You can pick your gun case from tons of different sizes ranging from 36 to 55 inches and also from varieties of colors. The case comes with detailed construction, 600D fabric throughout reinforced stress points at both interior and exterior shells.

Incredibly spacious padded protection with easily sliding lockable zippers and woven cinch straps make your gun protected. Elastic shock cord feature combining with solid hook & loop fasteners make the case remarkably strong against all the odds.

Three utility compartments, Dual pistol storage, Dual rifle storage, Multiple admin pouches just, last but not the least MOLLE compatible webbing won’t let you miss a single thing. You may find the straps minimally sufficient, but apart from that, this case is the best for a day’s worth to hit the range. 

ARMYCAMOUSA 38 Inch Double Tactical Rifle Bag

If you want a versatile bag to use in your shooting expenditure, training purpose, or simulation wargaming, then ARMYCAMOUSA Outdoor Double Rifle Bag is the perfect one for you. Built with high-quality water or dust resistant material, this case offers dual main compartments with a padded divider in between them.

Protective features include heavy-duty zippers, QD buckles, detachable shooting mat, adjustable hook & loop straps, etc. that will keep your arsenals intact.

There’s an additional 26 inches compartment that you can use for carrying two pistols, SMG, optics, or other gears. Up to 14 magazines can be placed at 3 outside pouches.

Two-way zippers go around 3 sides making the case laying out total flat. The case bulges out a bit due to the additional front compartment. But the reinforced robust handle, sufficient amount of velcro, MOLLE webbing compensate and make the case the one of the most user-friendly ones. It’s also a sure buy for its 100% money-back guarantee! 

Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Short Barrel Rifle Case

Savior Equipment American Classic Shorty is one of the most elegant models of double gun cases that are specially designed for carrying short barrel rifles and pistols. 

Instead of Nylon, fully upgraded 600D fabric being used in the interior is responsible for its robust body. Essential padding throughout both interior and exterior shells is provided for all-round protection. Adjustable straps ensure the lockdown of your arms during transportation.

You may carry two short barrel rifles on its main compartment and separate your firearms into its own personal compartment by using a removable divider. The case also has dual pistol pockets. It also comes with large padded sleeves with hook & loop straps.

The case is spacious enough to easily store plenty of magazines, hearing protection, and other accessories. Lockable zipper sliders are available for both compartments.

Classic padded carrying handles will give you comfort while carrying the case. As the alternative, there’s also an adjustable shoulder strap with a removable shoulder pad. The belt is a bit short, though. Despite that, overall, it’s a great pick.  

Buying Guide


Durability is the priority while considering to buy a rifle case. The case will always remain on the go and needs to be resilient enough to withstand all-natural wear and tear.

Padlock Compatible

You need to keep your firearm secured. If the rifle case that’s carrying your arsenal doesn’t have compatible padlock features, then for sure, you’re at risk, mate. Be sure the gun case has this feature before you go for it. 

Waterproof or Dust-proof

While taking the case outside, you’ve to certainly keep in mind about these two factors. Water or dust may corrode through the case and make your arms unusable. Thus, your firearm case needs to be airtight and dustproof.


Your gun case needs to be designed in a more planned and organized way. All of your guns, gears, and other related accessories need to be stacked in the case so that you can get them just the very moment you look for. 

High-Density Foam Interior

The main focus of the gun case is providing safety to your firearms. You can’t expect that to happen unless the case has a very robust and rugged construction. There comes the necessity of having a case with a high density foamed interior. 

Collapsible Comfort Grip Handles

You don’t need to carry a box that gives you pretty discomfort, do you? That’s the reason you need to focus on having the collapsible and comfortable gripping on the cases’ handle. Sometimes you need to carry the case for day-long. This powerful feature will save you from such discomfort. 

Shoulder Straps

This is an alternative to the handle option but also a necessary one to keep your hand out of fatigue for a long time carrying out the case. The shoulder strap should be sufficiently padded. 


There is a lot of stuff you need to carry along with your arsenal. It includes magazines, safety gears like goggles, ear pads, flashlights, even some first aid kits as well.

The gun case should provide you ample storage capacity so that you never miss any of your stuff while hitting the range or going for any trip. Again if you need to carry multiple guns/rifles, go for the double rifle case, an otherwise single one is good enough. 


While buying the case, focus on the quality of the box. The box is to protect your valuable firearms. So you need to pick something that best combines both form and function. 


Some gun cases are made of plastic; some are of metal. Both can provide durability and protection, but obviously, plastic ones ensure the lightweight. If you’re frequently on the move, then you need to purchase something lightweight. Nylon is even thinner than other polyester material. 


Most gun cases come with a lifetime warranty, even some with cashback warranty offers. You don’t want to buy another case just after a few years, right? So pick one that can offer such a warranty. 

Final Word

For experiencing the best shooting expenditure along with other activities like hunting, hiking, camping, airsoft, or paintball tournament, at first, you need to identify your case first.

The best tactical gun case not only protects your gun, but it also enhances your performance. If you can purchase a case wisely, then you won’t need to think about it even for years. So choose the right one accordingly and enjoy your shooting. 


What Type Of Lock Can Be Used?

You can use both TSA lock or padlock. It’s totally up to you. 

How Do You Adjust The Backpack Straps?

It’s just like any regular backpack. You just need to pull or back pull and adjust the strap as per your comfort. 

Could You Carry Bag On A Motorcycle On Your Back?

Most cases straps aren’t long enough to carry it on your back while riding on a motorcycle. 

Water Resistant Or Waterproof, Which One Better?

Waterproof gun cases is better as water may damage your gun for good. So it’s better to have the case being proof of that.  

Can This Be Used For Long Term Storage?

Yes. Almost all the cases are made of heavy-duty material like Nylon, polyester, hard plastic fabric, or metal and keep the box air and watertight. So moisture can’t do any damage for long term storage. 

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