7 Types of Hunting – The Most Popular You Should Know

Hunting is also considered as an art along with sport or a hobby. There are so many types of hunting and a lot of weapons are also available for those who are an adventure about hunting. Here we are going to discuss some of the types of hunting you may be interested.

Different Types of Hunting: What Types of Hunter are You?

Types of hunting listed below and you can identify yourself that what type of hunter are you?

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Hunting with Guns

Hunters can choose from a variety of rifle, shotguns, and handgun so on. They have the basic difference between the barrels and the ammunition that’s used. Rifles are used to shoot straighter and faster. Whereas shotguns are chosen for shorter range.

Hunting with Guns

For squirrels and rabbits, hunters choose the 12 gauge shotgun. Some hunters choose 20 gauge shotguns over 12 gauge shotgun because they think a 12 gauge is too much power.

Hunters prefer firearm with optical sight for handguns. A handgun is preferable for rugged land. Cause hunters will be needed both hands for climbing or maneuvering through the terrain.

Hunting with Muzzle loaders

Using muzzle loader is challenging and also exciting for the hunters as it is only loaded through the muzzle. It is basically a kind of firearm. To hunt down an elk or moose to close range, you need a great skill and planning.

Hunting with Muzzleloaders

In most areas, there are specific times of the year for hunters for muzzle loader hunting. Hunters who use the muzzle loader, they have to remember to clean their muzzle loader on a regular basis.

Otherwise, that might not work properly for very long. Muzzle loader hunting will be traditional, pioneer type of experience and of course exciting.

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Archery and Crossbows

There also varieties of bows for hunting. These might be of three types which include compound bows, longbows, and recurve bows. It mostly depends on hunters experience to use which type of bows for success.

bows for hunting

Minimum of 40 pounds is needed for a clean shot to kill of deer. The 70-pound bow might be difficult to use in cold weather as you are having several layers of clothes.

It is an art that requires a great skill for accuracy. “The thrill of the hunt” is the term that defines archery hunting.

Using Decoys

To hunt down large waterfowl, hunters typically go for a using decoy for hunting is known as decoy hunting. This is kind of fun hunting as you are being camouflaged within a hide or blind. Decoys are placed in the sight of hunters.

Generally luring calls or scents are being used to entice waterfowls. This decoy hunting reduces the skill of hunter for succeeding because games are being lured and brought by decoys to the hunters.

Although it has the most successful rate of hunting. And if you are hunting for meat rather than trophies, decoy hunting is essentially important for you.


One of the most fun and exciting choice for the skilled hunters is tracking. It is one kind of patience less hunting you might say. Any kind of weapon you prefer you are going to the game rather than waiting for the game to come to you for hunting.

You have to have the guts to do this with skills. Bow hunters prefer this to rifle hunters because of quieter and if you miss, the game won’t be much to spook. Whereas if you use a gun, missing shots will alert the game and others too.

This need a hunter to have a set of skills as able to identifying animal tracks, scat and other signs that may tell your desired game whereabouts predictions.

A skilled tracker can hunt the game most. Hunting gears are usually lightweight and sparse as these need to carry by the hunters where ever they are going for the game.

Blinds and Hides

One of the methods where needs luck is blind and hides type. You have to set a trap and wait for the game to come in the trap then hunt down. This way the hunting is done.

Blinds and Hides - hunting trap like spider web

It’s more common than tracking. It’s quite opposite of tracking. Because here you will need a lot of patience to hunt the game as well as a set of skills for a successful hunting also.

Where the desired game is common means a path a game usually takes to set up hide and blind and then patiently waiting for the game to arrive without being noticed to the game. Hunters usually store abundant hunting gears in the blind.

In this method, hunting is not guaranteed as you need the game come to the right spot you want or predict by setting up a blind. And the blind needs a lot of time and work to set up.

Success rate may be low but you can set blind and do your other task if you consider for meat rather than winning trophies.

Sports Hunting

What is sports hunting? Well, sports hunting is hunting an animal for prize or trophy. This is also called trophy hunting. It is mainly done for recreation for a human.

The prize could be money or the animal or any part of the animal. The prize is usually kept for displaying to others as a moment of pride that signifies hunters’ bravery and success.

The motive of this type of hunting is to keep the parts of animal-like head, skin, horns or antlers as a trophy. And the carcass itself is donated to the local community for a feast.

Trophies are kept usually in hunter’s home or office. Sometimes regular hunters design a “trophy room” also. This is also called “game rooms” or “gun rooms” in which all the trophies and weapons are displayed.

There are firm supporters of sports hunting as well as strong opponents. Debates on this has arisen a concentration to question of the morality of recreational hunting.

This causing decreasing number of animals for some rare species which are the most targeted for trophy hunting by people. It is now illegal everywhere.

For saving wildlife, sports hunting should be stopped and a recreational job like camping, hiking, boating etc. must be promoted to the community.

Final Words

Hunting is an excitement whichever types you may choose. It depends on hunters taste. Every way you will have your challenges and rewards. But you must remember to check with the officials relevant to your hunting area first for regarding laws and specific information.

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