Range Bag vs Backpack: Ways You Can Find to Choose Better

If you shop for a range bag online, you’re probably going to read in the product description that it’s an all-around bag that you can use not just for the range but also hunting and hiking.

On the other hand, you’ll also find backpacks advertised for camping, hiking and even a shooting range, so range bag vs backpack, which is the better option between these two choices?

You know how important it is to have a bag and you need it to carry your gear, but how do you know which one to buy?

What is a Backpack?

A backpack comes in many forms, but at its most basic it is a bag with two straps that you set over your shoulders. Backpacks are often worn by students and hikers as it’s more convenient than handbags, and they also let you carry a heavier load.

Features of Backpack

Backpacks come in four versions:

  • The bodypack
  • Internal frame
  • External frame
  • Frameless.

Frameless backpacks are the simplest and used for general transportation of items. A bodypack is designed so your hips carry most of the weight. External frame backpacks are built to carry heavy loads (up to 40 lbs) so it provides better weight distribution and back support.

Internal frame backpacks are made to minimize load shifting. A daypack is a small backpack and designed for a day’s hike. In contrast, backpacks are designed for multiple day hiking and heavy duty camping.

What is a Range Bag?

A range bag is a bag that’s been designed to carry guns, ammo and related accessories. For this reason, range bag compartments and pockets are built to hold magazines, clips, pistols and other accessories. These bags usually have handles and a shoulder strap for convenience.

Features of a Range Bag

Range bags come with several pockets and compartments to store pistols, ammunition, eye and ear protection and other accessories. The bags are equipped with heavy-duty zippers with locking options for extra security. Many of the bags also have mesh pockets for small items and an ID window pocket.

Range bags are made of heavy-duty material usually, 600 deniers but the higher end ones are 100 deniers. Most of these bags also have MOLLE webbing so you can additional pouches. To expand its capacity. Many are water resistant or even waterproof.

Range Bag vs Backpack: The Differences

Backpacks and range bags share some things in common. They both have lots of pockets and compartments, zippers and locks. But there are also fundamental differences like the following.

Range bags are built for use in a shooting range, so its pockets are meant for magazines and ammo. Backpacks are for hiking so the bag design have hydration support, frames and other features hikers need.

Final Verdict

As you can see, range bags vs backpacks where have similarities but also major differences. They also come in different styles and some prefer one over the other but which is better?

Both are good and best suited for what they are designed for, the range bag for the shooting range and backpack for hiking. The range bag excels in the rang because the pockets are a perfect fit for magazines and other accessories.

A backpack on the other hand, provides the capacity and support needed by hikers and backpackers. Bottom line, they’re both good and you don’t have to pick one over the other.

  • Updated April 12, 2020
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