Top 5 Voodoo Tactical Range Bags Reviews: Including Rhino, Scorpion and Responder

Voodoo Tactical made a name for itself by creating quality range bags and various gun accessories, so much so their products have become standards. Having a lot of range bags to choose from is always good, but it can be confounding if you’ve never purchased any before. Given this scenario, I went through the various models and picked out these six, so read the Voodoo Tactical Range Bag Review.

5 Voodoo Tactical Range Bags Reviews

In this section, I have reviewed 5 best Voodoo Tactical Range Bags and they are,

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These bags may have the same purpose, but the design, pockets and compartments differ. To make the reviews as detailed as possible I’ve included the pros, cons and who they’re most suited for.

1. Voodoo Tactical Rhino Range Bag

The Rhino is a rugged range bag that’s built for shooters of all skill sets. The bag is made from durable materials and designed to make access easy. With its compartments and pockets, there is sufficient room here for your guns and ammo.

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  • Well made bag
  • Heavy duty double zippers
  • Adjustable shoulder pad
  • Spacious compartment
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Few exterior pockets
  • Not suited for long firearms

You can use the Rhino in any kind of shooting range as its flexibility. The dividers are adjustable so you can set the amount of space you want for each section. The drawstring dump pouch and magazine loops are removable, giving you the opportunity to thoroughly organize the items inside.

The bag is also ideal for shooters who want an easy to carry bag. The D rings and the webbed carry handle gives you more carry options. The Rhino also comes with a couple of open side pockets in the main compartment so you can store more items in the bag.

The Rhino has a good sized outer bag so it’s great for those who need a large bag. The side pouches have padding and zipper lock pulls. There is also a padded divider so you’ll have an easier time arranging the items.

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The Rhino earns a spot here for its well-organized features. It doesn’t have as many pockets as other range bags, but the ones it does have are deep, spacious, well stitched and suitable for all kinds of handguns and gun accessories. The Rhino is also for those who need a rang bag that can hold a lot of AR magazines, probably 30 to 50.

2. Voodoo Tactical Scorpion Range Bag

The Voodoo Tactical Scorpion range bag measures 17” x 8” x 10” and weighs 2.25 lbs. The capacity is 9 liters. Put it another way you can store a couple of pistols, magazines, ammo and other accessories inside the bag. There are 3 exterior pockets which fit several boxes of ammo.

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  • Lightweight
  • Has several pockets including an ID window
  • Durable zipper
  • 9 liter main compartment capacity
  • Durable


  • Not as deep as other Voodoo Tactical bags
  • The strap feels a bit flimsy

The Voodoo Tactical Scorpion range bag is a compact range bag, but don’t let that term fool you as there are pockets here to satisfy your requirements in the range. Because it has 9 liters you can pack it up with the items you’ll need for the range.

There are interior and exterior pockets so you arrange the ammo boxes, ear plugs and other items there. There’s a good variety of elastic loops, covered and open pockets to suit your particular needs. The main compartment is spacious so you can retrieve the items without exerting too much effort.

The Tactical Scorpion has a 2-way, single locking system so the compartment opens quickly.  The bag is built from durable nylon with special nylon for enhanced strength. When you consider all its features, it’s not difficult to see why a lot of shooters prefer this.

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There are a lot of reasons to buy this, but the most important is you get a lot of pockets and compartments. The bag has lots of room for your guns and ammo plus ear muffs without stuffing the compartments. The Tactical Scorpion is also light yet provides sufficient space for your ammo.

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3. Voodoo Tactical Men’s Standard Scorpion Range Bag

The Voodoo Tactical Men’s Standard Scorpion is made from heavy duty nylon and has reinforced stitching so it can withstand heavy use. At 16×11 x 10 inches, the Scorpion is a medium sized bag built for shooters looking for convenience and portability.

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The Scorpion is available in different colors including black, coyote, pink and more. The rubber handle is connected to the zippers and from there you gain access to the main compartment. The bag also has several pockets for ammo and other accessories.


  • Solidly built
  • Fortified stitching
  • Spacious
  • Large straps and handles
  • Comes in different colors


  • Does not have MOLLE webbing
  • Doesn’t have advanced features

The Scorpion Tactical is primarily for the shooting range, and it shows in the way the pockets are designed. The bag is large enough for 2 to 4 pistols. The bag is big enough for DSLR camera if you decide to use it as such. The bag’s exterior has 4 magazine pouches, plus there are loops and extra pouches in the compartment.

The Scorpion is also for you if you want extra security as the zipper pulls are lockable.  The nice mix of interior and exterior pockets provide you with lots of room for your gear and accessories. The bag layout is intuitive so you’ll have an easy time accessing the stuff you put there.

The bag is also for frequent range shooters. The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable so you’ll feel comfortable while you use it. You can remove the shoulder strap if you want. Need to put the Scorpion on the ground? No problem as the bag has textured rubber feet so the feet don’t slip.

The Scorpion is for demanding shooters who need dependable range bags. While it’s a medium-sized bag there’s a lot of stuff you can put in here. Access to the main compartment is easy so you have access to your ammo boxes, accessories, cleaning kits, ear protection and more.

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The Voodoo Scorpion is a heavy-duty range bag. The construction is rugged but light and the lockable zippers are nice touches. The compartment is durable, thick and is built for long-term use. If you need a range bag for your pistols and other accessories, the Scorpion will fit the bill.

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4. Voodoo Tactical Range Responder Bag

The Tactical Range Responder bag included main compartment comes with two dividers so you can better organize the contents inside. Measuring 17″ long x 13″ wide x 8″ high, the bag comes with a shoulder strap and several pockets for your magazines, ear plugs and other accessories. Extra dividers and loops are also included.

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  • Nonslip shoulder pad
  • Comfortable carry handles
  • Shell loops are adjustable
  • Lots of pockets
  • Available in different colors


  • Double stack magazines are a tight fit
  • The strap is a bit rigid

The Responder is well suited for those who need a dependable range bag, one that isn’t too big but still offers a lot of pockets. Aside from the main compartment you also get pockets along the sides, rear and front. There are also zippered pockets, making the Responder suitable for extended use.

Its most effective when used in indoor or outdoor shooting ranges. You can adjust the shoulder strap until you’re comfortable and the shoulder pad doesn’t slip either. The pockets provide lots of ways to carry gun accessories and the loops allow you to carry a flashlight, baton and other stuff.

It has a lot of things going for it, not the least being its many pockets, dividers and compartments. The side, back and front pockets are zippered so no matter what you put there is secure. With the adjustable dividers, you can tweak the sections to better fit whatever it is you want to put there.

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The Responder is a well-designed range bag that’s big enough for the AR15 30 round magazines. With this bag, there’s room for two pistols, 8 pistol magazines, 10 AR magazines, cleaning tools, eye and ear protectors and more.

Final Word

The range bag has become indispensable for a lot of shooters.  If you have done any type of shooting you know there’s more to it than just a gun and a few rounds. You need an ear and eye protection, cleaning supplies, magazines and other items. Voodoo Tactical knows this and that is why they created these range bags.

These Voodoo Tactical range bags are built for all serious shooters and even those that are just starting out. As to which of these is the best, they each have unique features and something special to offer the shooter. After reading Voodoo Tactical range bag review, just pick the one that matches your requirements and good luck.

  • Updated May 28, 2021
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