orca tactical range bag review

Orca Tactical Range Bag Review: A Multi-purpose Bag for a Frequent Traveler

When people go on hunting, traveling, or practice shooting, they would need a range bag. A range bag can be used for necessary transportation accessories for the “consistent” things needed at the shooting range and also for the rest of the reckoned items that are required along while hunting or traveling.  

Orca Tactical Range Bag can be used to keep- Handguns, Pistols, and Ammo. This bag serves various purposes like- military-grade tactical gear, shooting gear, and outdoor sporting goods, hiking, traveling, etc.

It has – Duffle Carrier Stores and Protects 3+ Firearms Safely – Transport Shooting Range Equipment – Designed for 2019. This range bag from Orca Tactical bag filled with the right equipment can make the hunting and shooting experience pleasant.  

What we like most


This gun range bag is hard-wearing and sturdy, yet lightweight, which means it is durable. It is constructed from 600D polyester fabric, which is very rich in quality. This pistol range bag is double sewn at all strength points—the perfect mate for those who have become tired of carrying heavy range bags.


It has YKK zippers on both side pouches. So, users can keep their valuable stuff securely—no chance of getting stolen. 


This range bag is completely organized as this has separate compartments for several purposes. It has a main compartment, and that holds a detachable Velcro divider for personal choice to organize.

This range bag includes tons of fully padded and organized compartments, pockets, pouches, and elastic to store pistols, gun and range accessories, handgun and semi-automatic magazines and shotgun shells. 


Orca Tactical Range bag has been enhanced from previous versions. The upgraded one has a wider grip handle for larger hands and to make the grip firm.

It also has 2 Velcro faced accessory pockets with displaying drive reinforcements and high-quality polymer scuff pads to shield the pistol range bag on any support surface.

Safe and Secure

This Orca tactical bag is built safely and securely. The Gun Range Bag includes locks that are premium high quality, YKK zippers on both side pockets. It is designed for use with a luggage lock or other locking device. This lockable feature restricts unauthorized access to the user’s handguns and bullets. It also helps to keep the gear covered and hidden from view.

Best Quality

Orca manufactures all the products according to the highest quality standards and does not make any compromises when it comes to satisfying their customers and users of their products. 

Best Quality

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Orca Tactical gives its customers a money-back guarantee as they can ensure the best quality. No other range bag provider companies can assure their customers like this. 

What we don’t like

Even though Orca tries their best to ensure the highest qualities, there are some issues regarding the bag. 

This bag is too small for advanced shooters, large items cannot be carried in here. Another thing we did not like about the bag is poor stitching; front pocket stitch is not done correctly.

Apart from these cons, Orca Tactical Range Bag is an excellent choice for outdoor uses. 

Why should you buy this?

Orca Tactical bag is an excellent choice for adventure lovers. And this new model of Tactical Range Bag is suitable for various occasions like- shooting, traveling, military mission and practice, etc.

The bag is not only comfortable to use but also very trendy. You can keep all of the vital equipment easily. It can be used for both- as a shooting range bag or backpack. Undoubtedly it’s quality and product guarantee will feel reliable to buy.

Features and Specifications

This Tactical Range Bag can be called an “authentic elite carrier system” with the massive storage in a small package which gives the user all the space they need.

Range work requires the use of available space in a small lightweight frame. It has 16″ L x 11″ W x 9″ H dimensions and appropriately handgun capacity of size 3+compartments. 

This bag is built tough as the military uses it for their practice and also missions. The massive military-grade Gun Range Bag is made from 600D polyester material. It is double stitched in the pressure points to make it reliable.

High-quality YKK zippers secure the closures of this bag with nylon twitches that are oxidation resistant and strong, and the Special coating makes the Shooting Range Bag for both water-resistant and scratch proof.

The features are-

  • Made of 600D polyester Material 
  • The Main Compartment is 15 ” “L x 17 ” “W x 9″ ” H
  • Separate compartments for keeping Handguns, plus, paraphernalia
  • Padded Main Compartment with Pistol Pocket Pouch
  • Has Center Support Velcro Strap Enclosure
  • Total 13 compartments and pockets
  • Strong Double-Stitched Elastic Bands
  • Side Pouch in Main Compartment
  • Two Beverage-Can Sized Pockets for Drinks or Other Accessories
  • 2 Way YKK zippers
  • Two compartments for fast access side gun
  • 2 end pockets
  • Shotgun Shell Loops
  • Bottom Scuff Pads
  • Shoulder Strap and Wide-Grip Handles

Final Word

Orca Tactical is a Pacific Northwest-constructed provider of -shooting gear, military-grade tactical gear, outdoor sporting, and also traveling goods. From this Orca Tactical Range bag review, you already know that it ensures quality and comfort; as a result, it is the master of outdoor. So, Orca is a name you can trust.


There are some queries frequently asked by buyers. They are

Is this Lockable?

It indeed is lockable. This Tactical Range Bag includes premium high quality lockable, YKK zippers on both side pockets. 

How many pistol magazine slots are there?

There are a total 12 slots for Pistol Magazine. 

Is There any Room for Ear Protection and Ammo?

There are a total of 13 compartments and pockets, which gives more than enough room for ear protection and Ammo.

How many colors are available? 

It is available in 3 colors black, coyote brown, and OD green.

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